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The Story 

Why should two ‘stomach’ doctors, Hans & Clive, be so enthusiastic about creating new smoothies? Imagine them as they sift through their decade-long experience with patients and mountains of scientific literature, huddled excitedly in the kitchen with chefs to develop fresh, delicious smoothies from carefully chosen whole fruit.  

What are the secret ingredients?                                                           

Clive leans forward and smiles, let me give you some background; it happened so naturally.Hans recruited me as a researcher doctor in gastroenterology over 30 years ago, and we discovered our shared passion for researching disease mechanisms and translating this knowledge into new forms of treatment. This area is called translational research.  Although we are very different, absolutely different (he chuckles), we complement each other well. For example, we focus on the beneficial effects of natural food ingredients for disease prevention and treatment.  One evening after a long day at our clinic in Bern, Switzerland, a particular moment sparked the development of the first specific Niqui® smoothie.

I had been following the latest literature on the critical role of certain natural food ingredients relating to inflammation and aging and shared some of these results withHans. 
 We discussed components such as sirtuins, different polyphenols, terpenoids, then specific vitamins and minerals. We also talked about health benefits relating to improving mental and muscle performance, bolstering immunity, eyesight, skin health, and many other potential opportunities. In a moment of enthusiasm, Hans spontaneously proposed: let’s do it. Let’s create delicious drinks people will love but based on the available and emerging medical knowledge.

So precisely, those two principles became the pillars of our start-up: Evidence-based goodness and delicious taste. Our kitchens became hives of activity, but we soon discovered that we needed professional help to create excellent taste, although we felt like great chefs! While we specifically choose exceptional fruit from every continent for nutritional content, we agreed on the flavor needed to be created by outstanding chefs. 
 As a start-up, we also had much to learn regarding gentle processing of ingredients and production and have benefitted from expert assistance from an experienced food innovator and producer to develop our Niqui® concept. It is an ongoing exciting journey driven by a passion for translating knowledge about natural and whole food into delicious and beneficial smoothies and (Clive’s eyes sparkle).  

Niqui. Fruit for Life®. Envisioned by doctors, created by chefs.   

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As doctors we work at the best practice in the capitol of Switzerland:

Gastroenterology Group Practice (Gastroenterologische Gruppenpraxis)
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